The initiative

Infrastructure Net Zero

Infrastructure Net Zero

Infrastructure is the great enabler of our lifestyles, communities and economies. Every part of our lives is influenced by infrastructure and the services it provides, delivering multifaceted value for people, the planet and the economy. But this value comes at a cost. From the energy it generates and uses, the materials it consumes and the services it enables, infrastructure directly or indirectly contributes up to 70% of Australia’s carbon emissions.

The case for climate action is unequivocal and the national targets and timing are now set. The challenge now turns to delivering a progressively decarbonised infrastructure for Australia through 2030 and net zero by 2050. This must be done against a background of increasing legislation and intensifying scrutiny from investors, government and civil society on net zero declarations and how they are achieved.

Infrastructure Net Zero (InfraNZ) brings together key stakeholders across all sectors and asset classes to co-ordinate, collaborate and report on infrastructure’s pathway to net zero in a manner that aims to deliver value for community, government, industry and the environment.

What does Infrastructure Net Zero seek to achieve?

Infrastructure Net Zero’s primary objective is to decarbonise Australia’s infrastructure through collective action so that it meets or exceeds our national targets of 43% by 2030 and Net Zero by 2050.

The initiative brings together the infrastructure sector’s key stakeholders to:
1. agree on common goals and sectoral targets; 
2. align on the pathways to achievement; 
3. co-ordinate and collaborate on action; and 
4. monitor and report on progress.

Our Stakeholders

Infrastructure Net Zero is a collaboration of existing organisations committed to creating an aligned, efficient and effective use of collective time, resources and expertise to work on the highest priority initiatives and to drive lasting policy change and industry innovation. The initiative is underpinned by strong governance principles, and is led by a Steering Committee comprising the founding stakeholders:

“The record investment in infrastructure creates opportunities for the construction industry to be part of the solution to net zero. We all have a role to play, and it must be performed in partnership.”

Jon Davies

Chief Executive Officer, Australian Constructors Association